Yesterday I picked up my son from school and he was acting kind of off. He was argumentative and rude with me. I started thinking maybe he was in the beginning of a PANDAS flare up, but I felt like there was something he wasn’t telling me. He was so irritable, but we were meeting Daddy for dinner and then he was going out to play Pokemon GO, so I figure that would lift his spirits. We had dinner and he seemed a little better. When they were getting in Daddy’s truck to go on their way, he suddenly told us that there’s a boy in his P.E. class that keeps picking on him. He says he doesn’t know the boy’s name and that he’s in another 1st grade class, but that he gets in his face everyday and says really mean things to him. Now things make sense to me, he doesn’t understand why someone he doesn’t even know would say these things to him or be mean to him. My son never tells on other kids because he doesn’t want to get them in trouble or have them get mad at him. As a parent this is where I step in to help! I told him I’ll talk to his teacher and take care of it.

I wrote his teacher immediately last night and explained the situation to her. She knows him very well and he trusts her, as do I! She said she would have him discretely point the boy out to her in school the next day and then she would talk to the other P.E. teachers to tell what’s been going on.

I went and had lunch with My Chipmunk today and had a nice time. He said his teacher took him aside and explained her plan and that she can always come to him with a problem for help. That seemed to make him feel much more comfortable. My dad (PopPop) picked him up from school for the weekly sleepover (happens every Friday) and my son video chatted with me to tell me how the rest of the day went. The teacher came in the P.E. class, as planned, and he showed her who the boy was. Then his teacher went over and talked to the P.E. teacher. My son was in such a great mood while talked and he thanked me for taking care of his problem. He’s so sweet!

The disadvantage to a lot of kids with Autism is that they don’t always understand when they are being made fun of or what to do when they are being picked on. I knew this day would come. I was just waiting for and praying that it actually wouldn’t. I think that it was handled very well and I’m very thankful for his teacher’s intervention on his behalf. He’s not a confrontational guy (except for maybe when he isn’t getting his way at home…lol), so this was a hard thing for him to have to deal with on his own. At least now he knows what he can do of it happens in the future. I told him “you will come across mean people in this world as you get older, but always remember that there are more good people than bad in the world and those are the ones we look for.”

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