My Baby has come so far! 2 months ago he couldn’t get through the week without getting in some sort of trouble. We were lucky to even get 1 Green Day a week. He struggled constantly and I even called an IEP meeting in the first 3 weeks of school to get everyone on the same page with me as far what my son’s needs were and how I expected them to be met. They even joke now about my big IEP binder. I always sit at the head of the table (sets the tone that I’m heading the meeting) and every person gets a handout of the outline of topics I will need addressed, plus a list of accommodations I proposed for my son. I worked closely with my son’s doctor and agreed it was time to try him on Concerta. The low dose didn’t do a lot but I could see a difference, so we bumped it up to the next dose and Mason is thriving. Every day is a green day and he’s so proud of himself when he tells me “I got another green day, Mommy.” The feeling of seeing your child proud of his own accomplishments is hard to put into words. It’s the only thing I want for him is to be happy and proud of himself!

I received a message from his teacher, last Friday, that he was chosen as class citizen of the month! Only a parent that has been deep in the trenches of the Autism battle to better their children’s every day could understand just how HUGE a victory this is for my Chipmunk. He was so excited when I told him and he said he told all of his teachers that he works with at school!

It will be interesting to see how he handles the award ceremony on Thursday. Big crowds and lots of noise are a few of triggers to run away, he doesn’t even like his birthday parties (that’s a whole other story for a different time). I’m hoping he’s a bit older now and on his medication, so it will go smoothly! If not, I’ll be there for him like always. It’s just baffling how far he’s come in such a short time! We are just so proud of him!

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