Mom life

I haven’t blogged in a few days, mainly because my phone was acting up. The last week with my Chipmunk has been hectic. He has apparently lost his damn mind and thinks he became a grown man recently, that can do and say whatever he wants. 2 days ago I had enough. If I told him he was grounded he would say “No I’m Not, I’ll do want I want.” Ummm…NO YOU WON’T! So I went on a rampage, grabbed 3 storage bins, and took every toy he owns! I will be damned if my child will grow up to be an entitled little turd that thinks the world revolves around him!!! He now has to use the morning chart to earn a smiley face each day, at the end of the week he earns 1 toy (of his choice) if he earned all 5 smiley faces. If he doesn’t, then he gets nothing! May seem harsh but I have to send the message that I am in charge.

He knows he has PANDAS/ PANS and will sometimes try to blame his behavior on that but, sorry kiddo, I do know the difference (most of the time, anyway)! It can be tricky figuring out when he needs a break or discipline. Being a parent to a child with so many diagnoses is like walking a tight rope every day, but they learn quick to use it to their benefit. Lol

I tell him every day that I Love Him To Pieces and the other day I was feeling creative. I thought I’d make him something to be a constant reminder to him, so that no matter what happens I always love him. I painted this sign and hung it in his room.

Sometimes I Hate Being Right

After my post this morning, it was really early, but I just couldn’t go back to sleep. My brain just kept going over the last few days with my son. Looking for any other reason, but I knew he needed to see the doctor. I wanted him to tell me I was wrong, that I was over analyzing things, but I still knew what he would say.

The doctor confirmed that my son is having a PANS flare up (because Strep was not a factor) and that basically my son has a very sensitive system. So someone could have a cold or the flu and his antibodies could be triggered. He put him on a new broader spectrum antibiotic and we have to continue his ibuprofen every 8 hours for the next 10 days to keep any inflammation down while the new antibiotic does its job.

PANS is an autoimmune disorder where basically a virus enters the body and it causes your antibodies to attack anything that looks like that virus or bacteria, usually the brain is affected and becomes inflamed causing a sudden onset of behaviors, tics, OCD, aggression, etc.

I’m lucky because I stumbled upon the information on a Facebook post. The symptoms all sounded just like what happened after my child had two bouts with Strep last year. I found the best Autism doctor (this man has an almost year long waitlist to see him) that all the parents from different Autism Groups raved about and I private messaged him on messenger about my son and his symptoms. That might have been slightly unprofessional, but he was kind and messaged back that he wanted to meet with us. He happened to have cancellation a week later and fit us in. I love this doctor and so does my son. He also happens to love his favorite nurse, Bonnie. Dr. Madren has been treating him for PANDAS but now we have to treat for both disorders. I will move Heaven and Earth to get whatever the best treatment is for my son and I feel that we have a great team backing me up!