Just keep trying

Last night our Chipmunk definitely pushed our buttons. He tested our patience and we didn’t handle it in the best way. There is no such thing as a perfect parent. We all make mistakes and we learn from them so that we can hopefully be better next time.

I have many “not so proud of myself moments” over these 7 years since becoming a mother. When our son was diagnosed it was like the weight of the world was placed on my shoulders. Not only did I still have to do all the normal parenting duties but now I had so much to learn to be a good productive parent. I needed to know the difference between throwing a tantrum and a meltdown. I had to know his triggers for those meltdowns. I needed to (and still fight every day) to find patience for the rough days. I had therapy appointments, specialist appointments and his usual doctor appointments. Now he has newly been diagnosed with PANDAS (which is a whole other world of knowledge I have to learn) and ADHD. I now have to limit certain foods, he requires specific vitamins (even those have to not contain methyl because those cause overstimulation in our son), no flouride (because it acts as a neurotoxin), and no food dyes (again causes overstimulation, some more than others. Red and Blue dyes are the worst)…I do t believe in giving artificial dyes to anyone anyway and in Europe they are banned. Way to go USA…they serve no healthy benefits and cause so many problems. I’m getting off topic and will make a post of food dyes and how they effect our children another day! My point to this post is this…no matter what life throws at us my husband and I will always be there advocating, educating ourselves, and mostly loving our Chipmunk. This is not an easy journey, but I wouldn’t trade ours for anything!